Default principles
2-way club. 9-11 or 16+ in 1st or 2nd seat. Always strong in 3rd and 4th. All other opening bids are limited to 15HCP and usually show 9-15. 1♦: 0+♦ - shows 6+♦, marmic-like type or (most common) 12-14 bal 5-card majors and 15-17NT openings. 2♣ nat 6+ and 2♦ multi (no strong options) 2M is 6cM and 9-12HCP
Offensive bidding

2-way 1 club opening - strong NT´s - 5-card majors











Disturbed bidding

High-low dbls and negative free bids after our 1 club opening

Defensive bidding

Very aggressive 1-level overcalls. Bids generally vary a lot depending on vul and posistion


1.3.5 leads vs suit contracts (std from internal sequence - J from KJ10).

Attitude vs no-trumps (but 4th from good suits)

Later leads:

Vs suit: still 3/5 - but 2/4 through dec (Still std from seq)

Vs NT: Attitude all the way (Std from seq)