Bridge bidding systems

Name Bids Description   Last update Author
∑OTZ (Precision style)1135Precision as played by Sommer/Schultz print 05-09-2020 06:18:15
1D-2C relay69The old version of the relay. Just keeping as documentation print 18-04-2021 16:20:53Thorvald Aagaard
2over17152Two over One System
(Washington Standard, 2nd ed, 1996, by Steve Robinson)
Last update:11-23-08.
print 31-12-2020 01:27:43Thorvald Aagaard
5-Card major 2/1 GF60745-card major with 12-14 NT opening 1 print 31-12-2020 01:26:25Thorvald Aagaard
alarzo-club780Strong -system with 5-card major and 12-14NT. print 07-08-2020 12:41:25Thorvald Aagaard

KISS & freestyle!

print 21-07-2015 05:54:04Jonas Houmøller
Ambra5969Ambra 1.5 - Davide Tavoschi, based on Garozzo's system for Italian Junior team print 04-12-2020Import
BBO Advanced 1.335242/1GF, inverted min, reverse Bergen raises, Cappelletti, Smolen, Serious 3NT, LTTC, wjs, wjo, support x-xx, 1430, Ingberman, Wolff signoff, reverse Drury, 4thS-GF, 4 suit transfer, Texas, gambling 3NT print 05-07-2015Import
Dale and Robyn2255Imported from BBOalert print 10-11-2020Import
FP-BTC3131Franco-Pancotti Blue Team Club - 9-16-06 print 05-12-2020Import
Goren KISS300Goren-based natural with five card majors, GF jump raises, negative double through 2S. Stayman, Gerber and Blackwood only print 05-07-2015Import
GW IV 20151129604GW IV 20151129; 5/6CM; artificial unlimited club system; 1// print 29-11-2015Import
Janus1423Jacoll-baseret Nusine-klør print 24-04-2015 20:58:35Thorvald Aagaard
Mazur1695Imported from BBOalert print 31-12-2020 01:30:34Thorvald Aagaard
Meckwell Club8249Imported from BBOalert print 14-10-2020Import
murali 200905236Imported from BBOalert print 23-09-2020Import
Precision(Forum)568Simplified Precison a la Wei. Natural 1-opening.Helene-t ( December 2006 on the basis of BBO-Forum polls. Update July 5, 2007. print 05-07-2015Import
Precito11833Strong Club-system based on a combination of Moscito and Precision print 12-04-2021 02:58:36Thorvald Aagaard
QUC2528Imported from BBOalert print 28-12-2020Import
SAYC3473BBO Standard - SAYC based Last update: 06-03-16 print 05-07-2015Import
Std English ACOL13934 Card Mjrs Weak NT Strong 2's print 05-07-2015Import
Test1Test print 08-03-2021 23:25:16Thorvald Aagaard
Ultra Precison (Dec21, 08)4221Ultra Precision.
Last Update: Dec 21, 08.
print 31-12-2020 01:28:21Thorvald Aagaard
WJ2005814The newest version of Wspolny Jezyk (common language), the Polish standard bidding system. Written by Krzysztof Jassem, translated by Daniel Neill. This file by Gerben Dirksen print 05-07-2015Import



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